CSS4 color function cheatsheet

color() function color( <color> <color-adjuster>…) color( <hue> <color-adjuster>…) CSS4 comes with color manipulation functions similar to those found in Sass or LESS. The color function takes a color or hue with any number of adjustors to generate a new color. Example /* Slightly desaturate the heading text to make it visually appear the same color … Continue reading “CSS4 color function cheatsheet”

Submitting a form with the Fetch API

If you are like me, you almost never directly use XMLHttpRequest – we use a library. Now is a good time to reexamine using a library. While we are at it, let’s look forward on making remote requests using the new Fetch API. Fetch gives you more control and uses modern JavaScript patterns like Promises. … Continue reading “Submitting a form with the Fetch API”

How to resolve multiple promises

You have more than one promise and you need to wait for all of them to finish up before you can do the next step. Use JavaScript native Promise.all() to consolidate your promises into a single promise. You pass in an array of promises, it’s then value will be an array of values in the … Continue reading “How to resolve multiple promises”

How to creating a React provider

What is a provider in React? A provider is a React component that provides data and/or services to subscribed descendant components. The data and/or services are not passed through props, instead they use React’s context feature. Why use providers? You use a component throughout your app. It appears all across your component tree. This component … Continue reading “How to creating a React provider”