Seamus Leahy

I want to make awesome experiences.

Photo of Seamus

I’m a front-end web developer, who carries design into reality. I work in teams made of designers, developers, and strategists to foster innovation and make usable experiences.

Skills & Expertise

Front-end & Interactive

HTML5 ▪ CSS3 ▪ Javascript

jQuery ▪ jQuery plugin development

Backbone ▪ Flight.js ▪ AngularJS

Responsive Design

SVG ▪ Canvas


Firebug ▪ Web Inspector


CSS Preprocessor

Sass ▪ Compass ▪ LESS ▪ SUIT

Template Language

Mustache ▪ Twig ▪ Django Template ▪ Haml



Scala ▪ PHP ▪ Ruby ▪ Python

Regular Expressions

Past experience with C ▪ C++ ▪ Java

Version Control

Git ▪ Subversion ▪ GitHub ▪ Bitbucket

Framework & CMS

Rails ▪ Django ▪ Node.js

WordPress ▪ VIP ▪ ExpressionEngine


Scala Tests ▪ Karma ▪ PHPUnit ▪ Jasmine ▪ Selenium

Graphic Design

Illustrator ▪ Photoshop ▪ InDesign


Balsamiq Mockups ▪ Axure ▪ User Testing

Analytics & Experimentation

Google Analytics ▪ Crazy Egg ▪ A/B Testing


MySQL ▪ SQLite ▪ MongoDB


UI + Branding

Not You ATM

I got visual design skills

I designed and built this award winning campaign website. We asked people to upload their picture holding signs protesting the bank bailouts. On launch day, we surpassed the project lifetime goals.

Grungy Gentleman

It’s more sleek than grungy

For this visually intensive design, I developed this website for mens’ fashion and lifestyle.

Data Visualization

Factory Farm Map

Death to Flash data visualizations

I led and developed the front-end of this large data-visualization of the local impact caused by factory farms. At the time when Flash dominated interactive graphics, we used HTML5 to achieve cross-platform and cross-device support.

U.S. State Map

Make it easy to use

Needing an interactive choropleth map of U.S. states is common for many people, yet I observed it to be difficult process for most them. To address the need, I made an easy to use jQuery plugin that uses SVG to generate the map.

CNAS Flashpoint

Not everyone is using a mouse

I built this visualizations of important political events in the China Sea which is optimized for touch and keyboard navigation. In optimizing it, I adapted the interaction for each interaction mode.

Detailed Interactions

Image Collage Field

Intuitive UIs are just better

The design called for a custom image collage for each of the dozen properties. I made an easy to use UI for adding images into a grid. The editors could naturally move and resize images to the grid.

Ingredient Quantity Field

Research first to get the intuitive UI

Before building the ingredient input fields, I researched recipes to understand the tradition of the reciepe format. After documenting and mapping the variances, I created a smart quantity field that handles the variations regarding units and multiple parts all the while offer real time feedback and assistances.


Cool effect with a robust API

I created a widget in the style of coverflow that is highly customizable so it can look good across different brands.

At Scale


In the top 10 U.S. blogs

I consulted ThinkProgress, a top ten U.S blog, in their massive 2011 redesign and relaunch. I assisted their internal team with my knowledge of custom architectures using WordPress.

For good PR sake, build it right

When COX Media was launching a new media product, I worked on a small team to plan, coordinate and develop this WordPress website to be ready for a large PR rollout which included high-profile partners.

Barrel of Jobs

Built from the ground up with Rails

As the lead front-end engineer on this start-up, I oversaw the development of a large portion of the product. I worked closely with the entire product team using the Agile process.


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